• Lightweight steel construction
  • Facilities can be dismantled and relocated
  • Short setup and dismantling time
  • No foundations required
  • Short production time
  • Full resistance to wind and snow
  • Large free-standing area, without internal supports
  • Can be connected to existing buildings
  • Warehouse can be insulated and equipped with heating and moisture-absorbing systems.


Constructions are set on steel tiebacks, which are driven into the ground and then opened. Lack of foundations means lower overall costs and faster setup times.
Total setup time: 4-6 days for an average warehouse of 200-400 m2.


Storing bulk materials, e.g.. road salt, in InterHal warehouses is possible owing to steel and timber abutment walls, which are resistant to being hit by loaders and similar equipment.
Light modular construction of abutment walls offers flexible arrangement and versatility of warehouse functionality.


Our facilities are compliant with requirements of Polish Standards for climate impact by standard. They can also be compliant with specific load standard (over 3kN/m2 of covering) as well as minor requirements for temporary facilities.
To minimize costs the constructions are set on tiebacks.