• Special road salt warehouses
  • Warehouses for bulk products (malt, salt, building loose materials, etc.)
  • Large-area warehouses without insulation requirements
  • Warehouses and roofing for construction equipment, cars
  • Large indoor sports areas (tennis courts, sports grounds, etc.)
  • Factory and production areas (with additional wall and roof insulation)
  • Areas for breeding animals and growing plants, exhibition areas

Salt and loose
materials storage

Warehouses provide constant humidity levels that ensure that products are dry and retain the loose state.

Floor protection prevents salt from getting to ground and water.

Construction ensures rigidity and stability of the building. Materials used are resistant to corrosive activity of salt.

Dimensions of warehouses ensure easy maneuvering of heavy equipment (loading, entrance, exit).

Warehouses can be equipped with driers to ensure the demanded humidity is constantly maintained.


Versatile, modern and functional constructions with a wide range of applications.

Lightweight warehouses designed for storing goods and materials.

Tailor-made entrance door according client’s specifications. The single action door is high enough to provide access for a self-loading truck with the open-box bed fully lifted. The steel door incorporates personal emergency exits. The doors can also be located in side walls.

Warehouse designed for agricultural industry (storage of agricultural products, straw, agriculture equipment, roofing for breeding cattle and growing plants).

Factory and production areas (with additional wall and roof insulation).

Warehouses for construction industry (storage of building materials and construction equipment).

Event and exhibition halls – ensure protection from different weather conditions (rain, snow, wind, moisture). Cover designed to client’s specification, with optional trademark or company logo imprint, etc.

Sports halls
and roofing

Tent halls are perfect solutions for lasting roofing of sports areas, such as tennis courts, swimming pools, sports grounds or ice-rinks.

Our constructions are distinguished by fast and easy setup. High quality of materials used guarantees durability of buildings.

Materials used for construction cover provide good light transmission with no need to use artificial lighting during daytime.

Railway infrastructure

Light, easy to install up roof-covered constructions that can be set at railway sidings.

Halls for railway rolling stock maintenance and storage of servicing equipment and tools.

Roof-covered shipping floors (for storing goods in shipment).