About us

InterHal sp. z o.o.  offers top quality steel tent halls.
Our halls are compliant with all standards for permanent buildings.
Our structures are distinguished by covering durability up to 25 years and construction durability up to 35 years. As one of few European companies we are proud to offer 10 year guarantee for our structures!
Excellent durability backed by the 10 year guarantee, favorable price and top quality ensure that our customers receive the best purchase terms and can enjoy using our products for a long time.

Our products are distinguished by ultimate quality and durability (15-25 years for coating). Considering total product lifetime, our solutions provide the best value, even in spite of higher initial costs.

Load bearing structure

Grid structure rests on arch frames made of high quality welded steel profiles The frames are joined with longitudinal bracings, making the structure resistant to wind or snow. External surfaces are galvanized with min. 70µ of zinc.

Wall and roof cover

A fabric made of polyester net-reinforced PVC coated with anti-aging lacquer (density of 900g/m2 or 650g/m2). Wall fabrics are available in many colours (with optional trademark or company logo imprint) and white roof to ensure good light transmission with no need to use artificial lighting during daytime.

Cargo doors and entrances

Steel door is tailored to individual customers’ needs. In the case of loose material (e.g. road salt) the single action door is high enough to provide access for a self-loading truck with the open-box bed fully lifted. The steel door incorporates personal emergency exits. The doors can also be located in side walls.


Openings in gable end walls of the warehouse provide necessary air flow to prevent excess moisture from building up.

Warehouse durability

fabric:  15 – 25 years
grid structure:  30 – 40 years 


Warehouses can be equipped with driers to ensure the demanded humidity is constantly maintained.