Light construction halls

Professional experience and many years of analyses carried out by our designers have made InterHal steel building systems even more affordable.
We hope that you will also share our experience.

Salt and loose
materials storage

Railway infrastructure facilities

Sports halls and roofing

General warehouse

Our halls are compliant with all standards for permanent buildings.

Our structures are distinguished by covering durability up to 25 years and construction durability up to 35 years. As one of few European companies we are proud to offer 10 year guarantee for our structures!

Excellent durability backed by the 10 year guarantee, favorable price and top quality ensure that our customers receive the best purchase terms and can enjoy using our products for a long time.


Our products are distinguished by ultimate quality and durability (15-25 years for covering).
Considering total product lifetime, our solutions provide the best value, even in spite of higher initial costs.

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